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Although im very pro OC and CC, even if they were legal where I live (Hollywood), there are too many hipsters that would make a big fuss about me walking around OC'ing.
People at coffee shops would probably get upset and leave wherever I rolled in.
Too much attention.
CC would be preferable. If it were legal I might.

We actually had some guy pull out a gun and open fire just a few miles from where I live late last year, outside a McDonald's off Sunset blvd. He was shooting at traffic. An off duty police officer who was packing (concealed) put the guy down only after he got a few shots off. No one was hurt. A complete hero in my book. But you can bet that story didn't make it into the news too much.. Which is a shame.

Anyways, pro OC and pro CC (as long as the person is properly educated and has a permit). Just like I wouldn't to drive on the same streets with people who never learned to drive and don't have a license.
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