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I feel that the 6.5 is what I am after, but it may be my second barrel down the road. I'm not willing to risk spending more than $100-150 on a barrel blank that I very well my screw up. I have yet to find a 1:9" twist barrel blank in .270, which leads me to think that when I do, it's not going to be cheap, so if I go with .270, it will be a standard 1:10" twist

Now that leads to a few other questions....

What is the optimal barrel length, for either caliber? I will be going with a straight, or near straight contour.

What do you prefer, chromoly or stainless (ignoring finishing, I only care about which performs better)

Green Mountain Barrels has chromo and stainless in 27", but the bore and groove specs are on the loose side of SAAMI tolerances. They go for $100 and $140 for chromo/stainless.

Shilen Match Grade go for a little bit more, and are 28" long, but only the chromoly one is in my price range. Stainless pushes close to $250.

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