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Officer Roach should be commended for his actions; intervening in an off-duty capacity to prevent injury to other citizens in the area......
Perhaps so....perhaps not. I didn't seen any indication that other citizens were in danger of being injured. A victim was running away from an attempted robbery with a gun in his hand, apparently after having shot at the alleged robber(s).

In CCW class, you are told that attempting to intervene in something you have no information about (ie., walking up to two people fighting, etc.) is not a great idea. This is exactly what the LEO did. Not saying he shouldn't have....but just like the advice given in class, the LEO had not idea what was happening. He assumed the guy escaping from the attempted robbery was the bad guy (because he had a gun?), it would seem. No doubt about it, it was a bad day for everyone involved....and that was the worst part about it.
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