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Re: Tips on managing recoil for 10mm baby glock

If you're in a static position place your feet shoulder with the part and one foot in front of the other so that your feet are in an offset and comfortable. you need to have a bounce in your knees that you're not stiff ... when you present your weapon to target your arms and elbows should not be completely locked out .. with your arm straight in your elbows slightly bent this is your recoil mechanism for your upper body. This is good recoil management. If you have the proper grip you should not get a lot of muscle rise. When the weapon is fired it should come straight back into your chest and then you push back out.

As far as movement keep your feet someone apart, shoulder with or comfortable and removing you should be hunched down in an attack types of fish in with your legs bent so that when you're moving your legs become your shock absorbers. You need to find in between steps or on a step where you're comfortable at firing your weapon.

For lateral movement stay someone been in an attack position when moving left to right never cross one foot in front of the other. This will prevent falling and instability.

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