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Thanks jmr40

I appreciate the input. I have looked at every make and model of rifle that I could think of including; Winchester, Remington, Browning, Savage, Kimber, Cooper,Les Baer, Ed Brown No longer makes rifles(highly over-rated... And terrible Customer service... if you can even call it that), Styer, and Ruger. I out my hands on every model that was appealing to me and it has taken me 2 years to narrown it down to 4 rifles. I ruled out all walnut stocks due to the fact that I live in the deep south and the humidity level is always high near 75-100%, and it rains constantly which moisture and humidity causes wood to swell....not enough to be visibly noticed all the time but enough to alter the POI. I ruled out rifles with high gloss blued barrels because I am already scared to take my M70 super grade in the woods for fear of a another scratch and having to wipe the barrel clean constantly out of paranoia of fingerprints. No rifle budget... Just buy a rifle that feels good in my hands ad serves my purpose ya know. Thanks again for the input

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