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Open Carry culture

Originally Posted by Koda94 View Post
How ironic, while traveling thru Newberg Oregon yesterday I stopped for gas. A truck pulled up for gas and the passenger that got out to buy a snack in the store was OCing.... my observations, nobody cared or noticed. Based on his demeanor, not only was there nothing to worry about but he seemed very friendly (Newberg is a small town IMO).

Admittingly, Im not up to speed on OC laws in Oregon because I never considered it in any city limit. But I suspect that with a CHL its legal.... (pretty much would end the printing debate) and could be convienient at times....
The skinny in OR is that the State is an OC state, but city law may be more restrictive. In Portland and many other cities (and now, all of Multnomah Co),, open carry of a loaded firearm is allowed if you have an Oregon CHL-- as you seem to have suspected.

Because I OC at work (LGS), I sometimes OC during stops on the way home during the warm season. My preference is CC. I haven't had any bad experiences OCing.

My most notable OC experience was at a gas station. I went inside to get a Cherry Pepsi, and a female customer asked if my gun was real. I said, "No. I'm an actor. I'm an extra in an FBI office scene." She heard "no" and "extra" and decided I was about as interesting as Corn Flakes.
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