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.30-06 Remington 721

Hello all,

My great uncle gave me a '06 721 about 2 months ago. It was purchased by my grandfather in 54 and it has been passed around his brothers and shot by almost everyone throughout my great uncles side. Which his boys are both no longer living. He even said my great great grandfather may have hunted with it. So he asked me if I wanted, staggering, I couldn't say no. He insisted it get back to my grandfathers blood line. Cha-ching!

I took it out & shot it. 2 out of the 6 shots the case cracks, forcing a face full of powder. I thought it was the old brass I acquired from my old man. So I pulled all loads and discarded all brass that looked bad. Went out and did it again on some really good brass.

From what I gather, the head spacing is bad. Now, here's the question. What should I do? Keep it in the closet or rebarrel?


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