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We've sold 3400 sabots in 5-6 weeks, 6600 left here.
They can make more. Hooray it's picking up a little.
Get them while they are hot, so to speak.

These are 12ga sabots taking 58cal slugs.
These slugs are real devastating. Use the ones with
diameters of .574" to .577". Nothing bigger diameter is needed.
You can cast your own OR--

58cal slugs for these can be bought at Dixie Gunworks.
Item Numbers-- BA 1103 -- BU 0901 --about 50cents each.

There are 3 guys selling the right diameter ones on Gunbroker.
Their names on there are --
Blue Falcon --who has 3 or 4 that will fit.
Maplewoodbullets-- who has 2 weights in old style Lyman in one listing.
peoprepofkal-- has old style lyman in 490g
All of these are 40-50cents each. Ed
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