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Under OC rules here I can carry a shotgun, rifle or hand gun in my hands. Brandishing would be pointing, vocally threating, intimidation or unholstering a gun without an immediate threat. as for CC to OC I do it a half dozen times a day. In the truck = CC get out of the truck = OC

One night Mrs. Longun was driving us back north and made a wrong turn. When she woke me we were in a rather bad neighborhood and its 2:30 am. We travel maybe ten blocks and it is just getting worse. I see a party store open a head. In front of this store there is between 15 & 20 men standing around and at least half have a bottle in hand. As I get out of the car I tell her to remember the name of the store and if things go bad to keep moving roll every stop light until she finds a cop. I grab my 1911 off the seat walk behind the car and head for the store as I start getting close I can see the man inside is behind bullet proof glass and by the fractures it had been tested. I am now about 20’ from the men 30’ from the glass. Looking back it was like Moses parting the seas. I was given a very wide berth on both sides. I have now reached the glass the man inside shakes his head and tells me you are one crazy a## white boy. I know its going to be ok at that point if the clerk thought I was nuts good chance the others did to. So I slip a twenty half way under the glass and say I need directions to I75 fifteen min. later back on the highway.

As for tactical advantage a 1911 in hand is worth two under a shirt.


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