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The .45 Colt cartridge was standard issue in the army for many years. The army also adoptred and used the Smith and Wesson Shofield pistol, which was chambered for the .45 S&W, a shorter cartridge. Soldiers, mostly officers and senior NCOs who were purchasing ammunition for their Colt revolvers specified "Long Colt" to assure that they would not receive the shorter S&W round. Quite simple really.

Since the majority of Americans think of the magazine in a pistol as a "clip" I find it distressing that some continuie to make such an issu te of it.

Ignorant redneck? Indeed, I have a bit of formal education, I know the technical terminology quite well, and the uise of clip disturbs me not at all.

In my military days, I was told that my personal weapon was a "sidearm." I would endure a bit of abuse if I called it a gun. Guns have wheels on them!

And what exactly is a shot? Something that comes from a weapon, a drink of spirits, or an injection??

I won't belabor the point further, but why get upset about sometghing so utterly trivial?
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