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Love me some P95...

Saw another thread where a member was displeased w/ Ruger and that's ok. I cannot argue against someone else's experiences or line of thinking. I can tell you this, I love my Ruger P95!

Beautiful? to me it is.

Will the hand of God come down and say this is the best damn gun ever made? Gonna say no.

Does it "fit my hand like a glove"? More like a brick.

I can say, that mine has shot a wide variety of ammo (factory) with no problems thus far and that I can shoot this more accuratly at defense range (10 yards) rapid fire than any other hand gun I've owned. ( Note: I'm note saying it is the most accurate hand gun, I'm saying I shoot it more accurately than any other hand gun when shooting fast.)

Just wanted to put in a good word without hijacking a thread. YMMV.


BTW, Bill Ruger did design the P95 for the masses. Glad he did. Great protection I can afford.
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