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Funny story, I heard a guy at my LGS telling that the .17HMR is a sniper caliber. I dang near wet myself. He said it will shoot flat and straight as far as you can see. back on topic....

I like the .22Magnum better, but he 17HMR is great for what it is. I could hardly bring myself to shooting the one I had.... I didn't like paying $10-14 for 100 rounds for plinking. I gave it to my nephew and he loves it....and is a terror on squirrels in his area, with it. If I am just plinking, the .22lr is still my favorite. Don't worry about the supply, it is slowly coming back, as mentioned in another thread, I recently ought 6k rounds of .22 at a somewhat normal price... I shoot over 1k rounds of .22 a month, easily. I was worried about finding more ammo, but it is there.
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