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First, let me say that I've had a lot of problems with savage rifles ranging from warped receivers to feeding problems to unfinished bluing to defective triggers.

Based on my experience with them I wouldn't touch one. Maybe I just have all the luck.

Anyway, my wife insisted on the trophy hunter xp and couldn't be talked out it.

Firstly, the scope is mounted really high. For both her and myself it would have had to be lower. So, we purchased a set of Burris zee rings (low). No matter how hard I pried open the zee rings they simply wouldn't slide onto the off-brand weaver style bases that came with the gun.

So, I took out my calipers and, sure enough, the bases are way over spec. I buy a good set of bases and try to remove the factory ones. Problem - they used a thread locker on the screws. The metal (aluminum?) screws were too soft to be removed with the thread locker in there and they stripped despite a good fit with the screw driver. I had to tap into them nice and deep to remove them.

Once I finally got quality rings and bases on things were fine. You might need a scope levelling kit as it was no where remotely near level from the factory. They didn't even try.

Oh ya, the monkey that "bore sighted" the rifle cross threaded and stripped both turret caps requiring an in-store swap.

The rifle seems mostly fine except that the plastic trigger guard broke on disassembly. It doesn't feed very smoothly, sometimes requiring a tap on the bolt to to finish closing it. The rings are totally trash and will need to be replaced if you want reliability. The scope was also not aligned with the bore which was the fault of the rings or bases as the problem went away once they were replaced.

I will post pictures this evening of the complete setup to see if you like the changes I made.

Ymmv but for my money there are better options. Weatherby vanguard s2, tikka t3, etc

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