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Because using incorrect terminology makes us all look uneducated to those antis who read these forums, thus perpetuating the myth that gun owners are "ignorant rednecks"?
I do use the proper terminology, just thought this comment would point out how common the use of the wrong termanology is. BTW, bet you knew exactly what I was talking about.
As far as the antis looking at us as uneducated , or ignorant, do you actually think they know the difference in a clip, and a magazine?
I pointed out the dfference in a magazine and a clip in what I thought was a polite fashon not too long ago toa brand new member on TFL, only to get a reply ridiculing me for my smart alec attitude. Never again, I'll just let them be thrown to the wolves!
Now, I gotta load some bullets up in the clips for my Hi-Point that I'm taking to the range tomorrow. Maybe some +p+ bullets for my 380 and 32 I got from Supergreat Ammo Boutique company as well.
(Lots of things that aren't technically correct are mentioned in tge firearms world. By both shooters, and manufacturers.)
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