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Originally Posted by Cheapshooter
Usually the addition of "Long" in 45 Colt sparks discussion, for lack of a better word, similar to "clip" and "knock down power".As does the term pistol used to describe any handgun. Some insist that a pistol is only a semi-auto, and a revolver is a revolver, not a pistol.
With that said, I think I'll take my old 45 Long Colt SA pistol out, and see what kind of knock down power it has. Being a wheel gun, I guess I won't need any clips!
OK, I will play the "How many nits can I pick" game.

Sam Colt referred to his product as a "revolving pistol".

Some double-action revolving pistols chambered for any number of rimmed and non-rimmed cases use clips, commonly referred to as "moon clip" to hold the cartridges.

Colt's Manufacturing gave in to the popular use of the adjective "long" in their proprietary 45 Colt and actually (I am told) labelled some ammo boxes as .45 Long Colt. Probably, at the time, to differentiate the 45 Colt from the slightly shorter, but same caliber .45 Schofield cartridge. Today, the "Long" serves to specify the 45 Colt as opposed to the 45 ACP (which is often called "Colt 45" cartridge.

Which action type has exclusive claim to the term "pistol"? What about single-shot pistols and the two-shot deringers (or is that "derringer"?) and Howdah pistols?

I don't know of any other activity that has so much argument over terminology as firearms and shooting. I wonder what the oldest controversial term argument is? I recall the insistence of Marine Drill Instructors over differentiating "Rifle" from "Gun".

Precise terminology is important for accurate communication. But sometimes precision does get in the way of accuracy. (get it?)

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