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However, a "magazine" and a "clip" are two different things. They are not the same. "Clip" is often used incorrectly to mean "magazine", and you can often figure out what it means in context, but not always. For example: If someone says they need a "clip" for an SKS, do they mean a stripper clip for the original version or a magazine for a modified one? If someone asks for clips for an M4 do they mean magazines or do they mean the stripper clips military ammo comes on?
Nicely said.
If I am not mistaken the word clip was used to describe the way the bullets are faceted for feeding from a stripper originally and a magazine is derived from the french word for storehouse because the bullets were stored inside of the housing.

The description or history of the clip is a little harder to define than the magazine.

Clip being used for magazine was made popular by TV and became more prominently used from WW2 films referring to the stripper clip used in rifles and people thought that a clip described anything that held bullets for loading any semiautomatic gun.

But use what you want, I have even called them clips without thinking because everyone that doesn't know uses it and it sticks in your
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