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Some years ago I was introduced to CAS and it appealed to the wannabe cowboy in me. I figured if I was going to shoot it would be for fun and not compete against the guys who were in it to win it with little calibers and light loads. The iconic caliber to me was .45 Colt and that's what I went with. I have a couple of Cimmaron Arms SAAs as well as their 1873 and 1866 long guns. I started reloading because of the rounds shot and cost of factory loaded ammo. I gave up on CAS after a year (too many silly people) but not the guns. I still enjoy shooting them out back and must have 600-700 loaded rounds with the makings for a couple thousand more.

I figure the '73 would be a decent hunting rifle but I'm more of a small game hunter and shooting a squirrel with a .45, well, that would just be wrong.
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