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Now for the biggie. Notice what happens to the guy being held. When the shooting starts, he is released and ignored. He goes between the vehicles and to the right away from all three officers. Had he decided to draw a gun at that point, things would have ended very badly. The middle officer who released him and turned his attention towards the active shooter is lucky to be alive also.
My perception was that the immediate response was to react to the obvious threat as they should have. Also the training helped them to fall back in a defensive position because the second guy or a guy in the house could pose another threat, better safe than sorry.

That's at least two out of three right in their response to the given situation.
Plus i give them plausible correctness on the third for a possible 3 of 3 because the suspect that ran appeared to be avoiding gunfire as much as the police. I would guess they had him in their peripheral vision.

I think they made no serious error there IMO. Still would have loved to see the debriefing as to how they did after the battle ensued.
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