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While I respect the option chose, I don't like bad info.

The vibration tumblers do not create dust (at least with off the shelf media).

The ultra vibe is very quiet (I can work in the shop which the Lyman I could not so there is a big advance there.)

The shop is open to the house and my very sensitive wife has no issue with it.

If you prefer our setup thats great, but not for the dust reasons (and it does have a seal on it though of course that makes zero difference when you open it)

My opinion for anyone sorting out that stuff is the Ultra Vibe is probably the best of the type and a lot less fiddly (for me) with fluids which I don't like. Others its not an issue so you have to decide where you fall.

Very much worth listing the opposite of what fluids do for you and the option to use media in its place but not at the expense of accurate information.

No idea if the tumbler works as well with media as the vibrator (I am skeptical but I have not tried it).

I have a Thumblers rotary tumbler for 2 reasons:
1.) I do all my reloading indoors in an area that doubles as a living space/workshop. A vibratory tumbler will kick up way too much dust vs. a sealed tumbler cylinder that is sealed water tight.
2.) I can choose whether to dry tumble with corncob or walnut and have the added option of wet tumble with or without stainless media.

Just like reloading presses, cleaning your brass is a matter of personal preference, circumstance, and budget.

Any way you go, I recommend that you stay away from advice to skip brass cleaning altogether, the number one reason to clean it is to protect your reloading dies, second to that is that clean brass is easier to inspect for cracks and signs of impending failure.
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