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Manufacturers make guns in batches. New hunting rifles show up on shelves during mid to late summer. Ruger and everyone else is too busy making handguns, 10-22's, AR's and related stuff right now to make hunting rifles. I'd expect some to start showing up soon. Even in normal times it might be a little harder to find a specific model at this time of year.

Rugers are not my favorite, but near the top. They make a good rifle for the money. Especially the newer Hawkeye's made since 2006. I don't much care for the sporter with the laminated stock. They are also one of the least popular models and will be harder to find. You'll have better luck finding one of the standard walnut stocked rifles or the stainless/synthetic All Weather. I like them much better and they are made in greater quantaties.

If you can afford about $150 more I like the new Winchesters a lot better. I think the extra $150 or so is money well spent. Kimbers are another good gun, but are $1,100+ so they might be over your budget. Kimbers are a better gun, but not sure they are enough better to justify the expense unless you really want the lightest gun possible.

Winchester, Kimber or Ruger are my top 3 picks in order of preference.
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