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7/31/2012 Miami Gunfight Video

I believe this was anything but a "knock and talk". There's no reason for multiple unmarked cars to converge quickly unless it was some type of bust or arrest attempt. My guess is the department labeled this as such rather than admit this was a poorly executed bust.

Given the number of vehicles in the drive way, these guys are extremely fortunate that no one else joined in the fight from another vehicle or the house.

The officer on the right is lucky to be alive at all. His first nearly fatal mistake was not looking to his right as he passed the car. Second, he steps right into the open in front of the shooter as the shooting starts. He should also be reprimanded for his inability to control his weapon. The two shots at the ground, one of them while he was tuned the other direction were a danger to everyone. Another 20 degrees and he would have sent that round towards the officer on the left.

Now for the biggie. Notice what happens to the guy being held. When the shooting starts, he is released and ignored. He goes between the vehicles and to the right away from all three officers. Had he decided to draw a gun at that point, things would have ended very badly. The middle officer who released him and turned his attention towards the active shooter is lucky to be alive also.

Looks like this was a best case scenario for these officers to make it home that day. Had one or two details changed, this story would have a different outcome by my untrained eye.
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