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Well, in the Army my standard issue M-16 seemed to work OK without a verticle grip. We didn't have M-4's and all the fancy tactical stuff in those days. After the Army I worked for awhile in close protection overseas. At the time we had some Mac-10's primarily for supressive fire from automobiles. You just grabbed hold of the silencer and blew out a magazine in like 3 seconds. I never fired more than two mags, I don't know what would happen if the silencer really heated up.

These days I carry a modified SBR AK47 Draco as my "car gun" if you will (7.62 vs .45). I use a flashlight "grip" similar to the one "BR" posted on his thread. Even with the heavier recoil I find griping the flashlight to be more accurate than a verticle grip, plus I get a flashlight if I want one. Wish we'd had those back in the day of the M-16.
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