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I've seen a recent unit purchase of a "commemorative" SIG P250 .45. It was o.k., but had it been me, I would have MUCH preferred a Colt 1911, or even a Beretta 92FS/M9 (current sidearm of the Army, where I served and the friend who is currently in serves) done up for a unit.
I agree, I cant for the life of me imagine why anyone would get a commemorative Sig P250 of all guns for their unit. The M9 makes a whole lot more sense, and so does the 1911 being such a classic and nice looking gun. Plus the M9 and Colt 1911 were both military issued guns, how the Sig P250 got thrown in there has me. I think it's a great idea, but if the unit decided on the P250 I wouldn't even bother, even the Sig Scorpion makes no sense to me. Shouldn't the whole point be to pull these pistols out every now and then for nostalgia, how is a Sig P250 or Scorpion which you were never issued fill that role?

My current unit did a group purchase of Colt 1911's during their AF deployment a few years ago
Seems like those guys had their heads on straight.

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