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From the picture I noticed that they had the readily identifiable red tips. This doesn't excuse the case fully from my viewpoint however.

There was very little thought given to the recent events at the movie theater in Colorado as well as others when they decided to do this.

Even less thought to the fact that there is an anti-gun person in every crowd and they would have a field day with it.

Not smart, but I see less harm than some Anti-gun people do. I also believe that this case is not strong enough to allow me to be concerned about how they will use it to any effect.

It will pass in a day or so, and for me I am glad of it.

This really brings up an opinion I have that irritates me.

First of all I hate the idea of new gun laws. They usually are trouble and unwarranted.

With that being said, why do we allow toys or even BB guns that don't have the orange tips, or some other form of immediately identifiable characteristic to be produced or sold to begin with.

I just can't imagine if they would have been going for the realistic effect and used one of them instead!

Not to mention, little kids have been shot with toy guns and god knows we never forget those stories.

To me it is so irresponsible for anything but a real gun to be identifiable as anything but what it is.

Sorry for the off topic rant
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