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Barrel heating: the Tikka surprise

I would like to see if someone else had a similar observation.

I bought a Tikka Varmint in .223. Bought it for the smoothest bolt action, ever. (Including Kimber 84, Browning A Bolt, Howa, TC, and forget Savage Moss & Rem). It worked great for the first 15 rounds or so. After that I couldn't hit the cardboard, let alone the target. Another cold start, and it's fine, until the barrel heats up. I carried an ice cooler to the range but eventually traded it, too much hassle.

I was a little dismayed knowing the Tikka reputation. Could it be that the steel was hunting grade (carry much, shoot at intervals), not for sports. Or maybe I should no longer wonder why a Sako is double the price for what seems the same action.

I got a CZ 527. Regular barrel, not heavy like the Tikka. Gave it 50 rounds in one session. The barrel got sizzling hot. No change in the accuracy, in fact I was able to zero a scope.
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