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Cop number 1 that strolls up to the door is lucky he did not get shot point blank by the dope dealer in the car. If that would have took place the other dealer in the residence could have armed himself or took an offensive position with a weapon of superior firepower Than the police and this would have put the police in a very difficult situation.
With one shooter in the car and another in the house firing with an m4 or similar weapon the initial assault team would have suffered a loss.

This was the case back in the 80's when the FBI conducted a raid in a suburb of Miami I believe it was Homestead.

A 10 man team would have a psychological effect along with a physical effect if the dope dealers wanted to fight.

It's obvious that these dope dealers were underestimated by the informant and in turn by the police.

Thankfully no police lost their lives that day.
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