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I don't wear armor, never have, but it seems to me if you need to wear any level of armor, you should wear the heaviest level you can get ahold of and stand up in.

My question was would a lvl III3(SOFT ARMOR) insert be better than a cheap trauma pad, because trauma pads say "no ballistic materials included"
If it has no ballistic material it will not stop bullets.

Also there seems to be a surplus of old body armor going around in single front/back peices. I heard armor isn't good past 5+ years but have seen tests done that show other wise. Kevlar can rot and I think if you USE IT EVERYDAY for five years it counts. Not everyone uses it for everyday. 5 years = 1825 days of use.
Soft armor deteriorates over time. Use speeds the deterioration. It is impossible to say without knowing what kind, level of use, maker etc what condition it will be in.
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