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Cool link.

Man #2 had a little time before police drew on him.

Man #2 takes at least two hits, and stays in the fight. It's not until he takes a head shot that he goes down. And while the head shot rang his bell, it didn't kill him immediately.

Body armor helps. I think the cop on the right took one in the vest and one in the leg.
I believe the suspect was hit at least three times before the head shot. Once in the leg (hopping, won't put weight on it), once in the torse (red dot appearing between shoulder blades), and once in the side/gut (another possible through and through).

The cop was hit 3 times in the gut as per the article.
Delgado pops out of the BMW, gun in hand and starts firing at the officers. Saavedra, a few feet away, returns fire, stumbling away off screen. He has taken three shots to the stomach.
Read more here:

I know folks are critical of the cops for not checking the cars. Got it. I would take a slightly different perspective on that. They can't check everywhere all the time and I have never seen a vid where the cops check every nook and cranny, vehicle, treehouse, shed, etc. BEFORE dealing with their primary area of concern and to do so would often eliminate the element of surprise they hope to enjoy via the circumstances, whether they be an actual raid or an aggressive stop and knock.

The failing I see, however, is that when Estevanell did his little maneuver to try to escape, he drew 100% of the cops' attention even after he was physically being handled by the cops (not yet cuffed, but controlled). The first two cops have him and the third is casually walking up to assist. He is the only one really unencumbered at this point and he does not exercise any situational awareness to make sure they are safe. I know he is en route to assist the other cops, but given the circumstance, he is the only one who has the opportunity to check their surroundings and make sure nothing is going on, even if he is just watching the house for other suspects to come out (most likely scenario).

It still took street cops over 6 minutes to arrive after the shooting started (and I assuming the late arriving Cop #4 in the truck was calling it in)
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