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I find it humerous how many people who "never" OC are suddenly experts on how bad it is.

If you can't OC, fine. Part of being a law abiding gun owner is being law abiding.

If you live in states that allow OC, and choose not to, fine.

If you are saying that you haven't seen ANY stong arguments about OC, then you obviously are waiting to be spoonfed. The search bar is your friend. Google is your friend. But most anti-OCers don't fall into this catagory.

Most people who think OC is a bad "tactical" decison because they weight one hypothetical (the element of surprise) higher than another hypothetical(the deterrence of a visible firearm), and that's fine.

I do love the OC bashers who like OC laws because it lets them print and get away with it...kinda defeats the argument....
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