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Best Cleaning device I have used...

I picked up one for my 12 gauges right when they came out with the product. I saw an ad for it and thought it too good to be true, but when I saw it in the store for only $4, I thought I would give it a shot and it really is as good as advertised IMO.

I have been trying to locate them in other calibers for the rest of the collection to no avail. They make a kit that has 9 (I think) squeegees in there plus all the snakes and everything that is supposed to handle most common calibers (handguns, shotguns and rifles), but it has been out of stock every where for several months now.

Now, they do not work well for removing harder deposits (copper mainly), but that is not what they were designed for. Mine removes all the carbon from the barrel after only about 3 passes, including a rifled slug barrel. For serious cleaning, you will still need a brush.

I highly recommend giving it a shot.
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