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The Colt and the Remmie are both great. I started with an 1851 in .44. Nice enough, points great and feels good in the hand, accurate too. Then I found the '58 model. As far as engineering a reliable revolver, I believe that any shortcomings on the '58 are nothing compared to relying on a pressed in arbor and a wedge. I'm not knocking Colts, they have a great history of serving our fighting men well.
From my point of view as an industrial mechanic/mill wright, I believe the '58 to be a superior design. Tougher, better built and less stress points to fail. As to the aiming systems, use it, learn it make it work for you. Modify it if needed. Guns are tools, pick the best tool and make it the best it can be. Would I depend on a Colt if that's all I had? Sure. They work well. If I could choose I'd take a Remmie.
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