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Originally Posted by Zhillsauditor

FWIW, ANY used S&W .22 DA revolver in decent condition is a minimum of $650 in my state (about 25 gunshops, big & small, which I check every-other-week).

In the past four years I have bought the following S&W 22lr revolvers (OTD prices):

1) 17-9 ($550 display model local shop)
2) 17-8 ($500 used local shop - full lug, alum cylinder)
3) 63-2 ($425 (traded a used M&P 9c for it at a gun show))
4) Pre-model 35 ($625 gunbroker, not in great condition, but very rare gun)
5) 617-? ($550 private sale, included speed-d-loader and loading blocks--didn't like the weight and sold it for same)
With all due respect - that was then, this is now, not 4 years ago.
While prices on many guns have gone down in the past 24mos, quality still sells.

And then, there's "condition" also - most of the S&W's on the used gun shelves here are in excellent + condition ( I can't remember the last time I ran across a ratty S&W F/S)

Semantics, though - the OP wants an H&R top-break .22.

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