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I've been looking at a lot of guns for my first handgun purchase, mostly compact semis and smaller revolvers (I'm focusing more on steel/alloy frames).

One gun that has defiantly perked my interest, it the Bersa Thunder Pro Ultra Compact line.. especially the 9mm version. It is double stack and comes in either 13+1 or 10+1 configuration. The frame is alloy with steel slide, giving it a bit more heft then most compact guns. The grip frame has molded finger groves in it and the magazines have extensions on them. People report it is a very comfortable gun to hold and fire (due to the combination of finger groves, fatness of the double stack, recoil reducing weight and the mag extension).

I'm on the look out for one so I can see how it fits myself.

Here is a link

Watch some youtube videos, maybe it might be something along the lines you were looking for.
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