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Got a break today from rain---only breezy and sunny

So I shot the snot out of that 22-250. Wish I could do my part as consistently as it shoots. Had the usual tussle getting final sight in, but it looks like the scope is fine. Look out you flea infested prairie rats!!

Peetzakiller--Instead of being logical and trying 10 rounds through the gun just like it was, I started sighting it in. For some reason I get anal about that, and if the point of impact is off more than an inch or so I get all het up and have to adjust the scope. So I wasted some rounds, but since shooting is my 2nd favorite activity, and the components for this caliber are stocked up, it worked out fine. It is sighted in, and I let it set for a while and ran a bore snake through it, and shot 15 more rounds and it seems fine.

Thanks for all the support, everybody.
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