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Originally Posted by Kimber84
I've consistently killed groundhogs at 200 yards with mine, the key is hitting them in the head region. Which in calm settings the .17 has no problem doing.

The longest shot I ever took was on a crow at 225 yards. It knocked him right down. The .17 is more than capable of 200 yards, but shot placement is more important than if you were using a .308.

I agree with this assessment but wind becomes critical. Shooting the 17 at 200 is like shooting a 22-250 at 400, or even a bit more.

I never shot targets to check things out but it "seemed" like the 17 bullet almost teleported to another dimension at the 200 yard mark. I never had any trouble hitting (and killing) things right up to 200 but anything over was much tougher. It's trajectory is getting pretty "rainbowy" at that range and that little bitty bullet isn't doing so hot in the wind anymore.

For 200 and under, I'd take it over a 22Mag every day and twice on Sunday and over the 22LR always and forever.
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