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If the tom is with hens...try to get one of the hens roused up by mimicking her every call, and she might bring the old monarch in with her.

It's possible that he is gobbled out for the day, or is wary of gobbling for fear of attracting predator's. He probably won't be gobbling when he is about to mate with a hen.

I would call softly & sparingly late in the season. Turkey's have excellent hearing. When his hens have gone to nesting mid-morning to noon, the tom will still remember your call location and he might sneak on in.

If he comes in strutting --- but no gobbling --- try to listen for his spitting and drumming, or you can mimic him by using a drumming tube call. You'll still need to spit "tick" yourself. Besides a drumming tube call --- you can vocalize a drumming sound --- by making the sound deep within your vocal cords ---,,

Good luck,

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