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I have two and love both of them.

Use full power 240 grain .44 mags for best result. Anything less might not cycle the action. Anything more might not be stablelized by the somewhat slow twist.

As someone else said, don't use cast bullets as they will clog the gas ports.

Make sure the action is open when you take it out of the stock or you can damage something.

Be careful with the barrel band - they can be hard to find and aren't made anymore. Be careful with the torque on the band as it can press on the barrel when it heats up.

Here is a good site about how to clean it. Don't clean it too much!

Here is where to go for spare or replacement parts.

If you want a light, handy rifle you can install a Williams peep sight. It's easy enough to do at home. I removed the original rear leaf sight and filled it in with a blued dovetail blank. It looks and feels *sweet*!

If you stock gets damaged (or you want something different) Boyds makes a synthetic one. It goes in and out of inventory. It is currently in inventory.

And that's all I know (for now).
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