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As it always seems to be in threads of this nature, previous post get lost, translations or context can be missed, previous statements in post get missed, etc. It's the nature of the beast!

Keep in mind that we are human and some good points were made and good ones are often missed. When the thread reaches multiple post's, the beast comes out.

The big "GUN_RUN" has left many believing that the majority of buyers and ccw people getting new permits in some states, are a large number of new people with little to no experience carrying guns. Not True. I hear all of the long-timers talk about it and many of them believe the same.

There are some TFL members here who teach classes and they can probably give you similar numbers as i get from someone that i know that is a CCW class instructor. He is seeing an average of %5 or less new to guns people.

He also has a harder time filling the class and the number of new to guns people are dropping in percentage. In the last 3 classes of 25 people he had 2.

The reason for me bringing this up and how it relates is that the small number of newbies and the combination of the highly unlikely odds that one of the newbies will be the person in the scenario is a real big what if.

Also those low percentage of newbies have to be added to the already experienced ccw holders

Play with it, talk about it and throw it in if you want just because it is possible no matter how very unlikely.

Add to it that most malls ban CCW from the premisses and you have an even unlikelier scenario than you thought you started with.

Even if it were to happen the odds are it won't be a newbie to guns though that doesn't make them "unqualified" it doesn't mean they can't be as effective, if they choose to. Still a big what if.

I would like to add that experience adds to one's ability. But most people seem to be wanting that experience to come from LE or Military training before they would consider them to be able to perform in the scenario if they chose to or had to do so.

Just because someone is professionally trained, does not mean that you have to be as well before engaging someone in a mall shooting up people or that you can't do so with great effectiveness.

I don't know where it comes from exactly, but i can see why from my own experience why i could have doubt in someone Else's abilities without knowing what they are capable of.

I own a business and people question my abilities as a professional all the time. Not that they think I am a rip off, just if there is not a better way, or could i be wrong in my assessment. Usually the fear is replaced with trust or a "here's your chance" mentality. They don't trust a know how to do his job...Why? It's the mentality of most people.

If you gave me a choice between me with my CCW and the "madman" in a mall waiting for police...I know I have what they don't, Someone with a gun, that knows how to use it in that scenario. That's all...nothing more.

I would also prefer a stranger with a CCW there than no one at all. Just about the odds versus outcome with long awaited support possibility from LE.

You may differ and would rather that no one interfere and that's one side of the coin. Others would rather see the other side and take the chance that an armed CCW person can save lives.

Either way, I don't sell people short and i believe that people will prevail in the long run and for me personally, I hope that if the scenario ever happens, it ends in no loss of innocent life from any gun.
If you ever have to use a firearm, you don't get to pick the scenario!

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