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Teaching someone who is terrified of guns

2 years ago, my wife was almost deathly afraid of guns. She was uncomfortable seeing them in person. It took a month or two of convincing before she'd let me carry my 12ga for bear protection. Today, she owns her own handgun, shoots regularly and constantly asks me if I'm packing (as in, she's uncomfortable with the environment/situation and warts that safety net).

A friend of hers invited her to a women's only training class. They shot .38 revolvers. They were taught safety, proper handling, proper cleaning, stance and grip. In the course of a morning, she went from almost deathly afraid to wanting more. She said she had wished the class was longer.

So what's my point? Well, a few things:

1) Don't give up.
2) Don't be pushy. She brought up the idea of learning. Find her a class and pay for it. Get one of her friends to go also, and pay for her.
3) You really shouldn't be the one teaching her...ask my wife about the stovepipe incident
4) Be prepared for her still being uncomfortable, or not liking guns...there are no guarantees.
5) If #4 occurs...don't give up your convictions and beliefs.
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