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For all of those who would engage, Thank You! For all of those who would not engage, let us say you are not with your family or anyone you know and you do not engage when you see people being murdered because you might be injured or killed and what it might do to yourself or your family.
OK. At that point, as a poster noted above, I’m trying to get into a defensible situation with those around me also in the defensible situation (but not in my LOF). This I have thought about several times actually, or if I have an immediate clear shot and realize whats going on.

Now let us say your family or your loved ones are at the mall or a restaurant or a movie theater without you
Dude that means my wife. She’s armed with a cannon in her purse and is lethal at 15 yards. Tahts assuming she’s not in her minivan death machine. Wo to anyone if she’s in her death machine. She’ll run you over and not even realize (or care).

I think the issue here is that it's probably a bad idea to say definitively "I will do something" or "I will not do something." No situation is Black and White. There is no way to prepare for every possible scenario. For me, if I am alone and my family is not with me, it comes down to, "Can I reasonably do something?" If the answer is yes, well, then I'll do something. If the answer is no, well, then that's the answer. If my family is with me, my #1 priority is them. I'm sorry, it sucks that the other people in the mall (in the stated scenario) aren't prepared, but if helping them means putting my family in danger, sorry, I'm saving my family, and I will be able to sleep at night because I was prepared, and my family is alive. Afterall, the reason I carry isn't to protect the public in general, it's to protect myself and my family. If I can help protect the public reasonably, I'll do so. But if I can't? Well, it's a shame that current society demonizes guns, and the idea of self defense so much that very few people prepare for it. That's not my problem
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