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So, after looking at all the various options online we have a slightly better picture.
Out of all the autos she liked the look of the czP01 the best. However, aesthetically she seems to prefer the revolvers.

I've also got her to start shooting my .22. She seemed to have fun, and was able to keep all her shots in about a 4" group COM @ 10 yards. I'll get some actual targets for her eventually, but my range is set up with steel silhouettes at the moment, and they're a pretty good place to start. They make noise when you hit them, and they're big enough that you can still see most of your fliers.
I was actually quite impressed. Her group wasn't tiny, but it was just about perfectly centered around where she was aiming. So, she doesn't seem to have any trigger issues to overcome.
She said that the .22 was the first gun she hadn't minded shooting. Apparently it's just the recoil she doesn't like.

I got to thinking.
She wants something to carry in the woods, and when walking on our isolated, dead-end, dirt road.
While people do see a lion wandering through every 5-10 years or so, the most common critters she'd need protection from would be wild dogs or a rabid varmint.
She has no intention of carrying it in town for self defense.
She likes revolvers, but has a very hard time with recoil.

So, maybe she'd like a .22mag revolver - if not forever, at least as a starting point.
Granted, revolvers take a bit more practice to shoot well in DA, but I don't think they're all that much harder.

So, her search is far from done, but now we're looking in another direction. It's actually pretty fun searching together.
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