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For all of those who would engage, Thank You! For all of those who would not engage, let us say you are not with your family or anyone you know and you do not engage when you see people being murdered because you might be injured or killed and what it might do to yourself or your family.

Now let us say your family or your loved ones are at the mall or a restaurant or a movie theater without you and they are being slaughtered by a mad gunman and there are all kinds of concealed carrying law abiding citizens there who like you choose not to become involved and let your family be murdered.

After you visit your murdered family at the morgue, do you then confront all those concealed carrying law abiding citizens who let your family be slaughtered and shake their hands and tell them what a good job they did, because you would have done the same thing and let their families be slaughtered in the same circumstances.

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I would not engage where two or more armed parties are shooting at each other, if I did not know the parties and who the bad guys were. I would not engage if an armed person entered a mall or restaurant or movie theater and simply robbed everyone and left without hurting or killing anyone, but as soon as the first innocent fell, I would engage and would regret I did not engage sooner. It is not hard to tell who the bad guy is, he is the one with the firearm murdering unarmed civilians, last time I checked uniformed law enforcement, plainclothes policemen and undercover cops and law abiding concealed carrying citizens don’t do that.

Sure you might miss or shoot through the bad guy and wound or kill an innocent. But if you do not take the shot, how many more innocents will the bad guy wound or kill, probably a lot more than you would by taking the shot as he will probably kill and kill and kill and kill until someone stops him.

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