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7/31/2012 Miami Gunfight Video

I dont know enough about tactics and training to really critique what the various parties to this shootout did, but it's certainly educational. This is about a 15 minute video, showing the gunfight from different camera angles. It's not that often that we get more than one camera angle on the same gunfight.

Setup: Police show up to arrest Man #1, and Man #2 pops out of a parked car and starts shooting.

Some things that I noticed:

Man #2 had a little time before police drew on him.

Man #2 takes at least two hits, and stays in the fight. It's not until he takes a head shot that he goes down. And while the head shot rang his bell, it didn't kill him immediately.

Body armor helps. I think the cop on the right took one in the vest and one in the leg.

The bad guy took several hits and stayed up and fighting. You can even see blood on his shirt, and he hops around on one leg.
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