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Pietta Remington 1858 police .36 cal

I have never been fan of the Remington revolvers, just because they look wrong to me. The frame looks too long, and I don't like the fin on the loading lever.

But, I decided they have one overriding advantage over the colt navy, they have a usable front sight. The front sight on this .36 cal is fixed, not dovetailed like the 1858 army, but you can't have everything. I think I prefer the shorter 6-1/2" barrel on the .36. So I ordered one from Cabelas and got it yesterday.

I have to say I like the feel of it as much or more than the colt navy. There seems to be a little more distance between grip and trigger, which I also find awfully cramped on the colt.

Weather permitting, I'll shoot it this weekend and see how it does.

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