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so it’s a simple matter of emptying the gun (and busting up) its shoulders. Done like
A simple matter? As simple as that quick "step to the side"?
When the bear is seven yards out....and moving at about 30 mph.....that bear will cover that 21 feet in less than one half second. Shoot and step to the side?
Where is that happening? Walking your dog in Soldotna?
I have never been charged by a bear. I have though fished in bear territory.
Walking through the woods between the highway and the Kenai, I had enough difficulty just moving myself in waders, carrying the rod and my bag through the muck and the brush - and that was on the trail. There was going to be no quick step aside. I would have been lucky to bring the gun to bear.

About penetration .....what is up with that? One fellow says the the big, heavy bullets for the 500 are poor penetrators and then others say that they will penetrate end to end. There does not seem to be a consensus.
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