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Sometimes I'm glad that I'm an old man (73) and don't have many more years left.

As I posted earlier, this is a complex situation, and there is no "right" answer for all situations.

However, after reading this thread all the way through, the idea that a man would refuse to act when his Creator (or fate if you prefer) places him in a position to save innocent lives, just goes against everything that I was taught and have believed throughout my life about Americanism and about manhood.

I have had the honor and privilege of serving with and leading brave men. I have tried to live my life as a brave and honorable man. A life befitting an officer and a gentleman. That has caused me problems from time to time. Nevertheless, my firm belief is that when I stand before the Judgement Seat, I will be judged on my actions. And I will be accountavble for my sins of omission as well as commission.

I do not envy the young people of today, but I do pray for them. In all probability, thery will never have the opportunity, and the joy, of knowing the America that I knew.
The soldier's pack is not so heavy a burden as the prisoner's chains. Dwight Eisenhower
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