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45Gunner posted
For years, every time OC comes up, I try to understand the practicality of it. OC deprives one of any tactical advantage and in most cases, I believe would make one more of a target or the first one taken out if those amongst us were of the mindset to rein down harm or pursue a goal with an evil purpose. I believe by OC, you are drawn into the "action" whether you are mentally ready and prepared or not. By CC, you can pick your time of entry while gathering your thoughts and formulating tactics and a game plan. Just my opinion. It would be nice if someone could present a strong case for OC other than being out in the boonies warding off bears, wolves, or anything else threatening to eat you.
I agree. In a self-defense situation OC might be a deterrent, but I worry it could make me a target in many situations. Also, I prefer not attracting attention to myself, especially negative attention.

That said, I completely support the right to open carry, it's just not for me; I much prefer to carry concealed.
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