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I have never open carried in public here where I live now, and I wouldn't do it whether it is legal or not.

However, I spent most of my adult life in the south-west United States and my experience was that open carry was not a big deal: most places. Of course some common sense has to be used. It would attract attention in a major metro area for example.

I lived in Nevada and occasionally open carried. I didn't open carry into Walmart or anything like that. It was more like, I was going shooting, or I was going to do some off-road driving, or I was going on a hike: and I stopped at a gas station, and I probably went in and got a drink and or food............. But I regularly saw people open carrying in the grocery store, Walmart, whatever and I never saw anyone hassled about it. I know when I went to Gunsite in northern Arizona, I saw people open carrying in the grocery store, and in various restrants and nobody seemed to care.

In the east, I think it would be a much bigger deal.

FWIW: the first time I ever open carried, I did it by accident. I went out hiking in the desert with some friends. I had a S&W J-Frame in a belt holster. In other words, the gun was light and small. We stopped on the way home at a bar and ate some bar food and drank a few beers. When I got home, I realized that I had never taken the gun off my belt. And, nobody said a thing about it.
You know the rest. In the books you have read
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