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Hate to admit it, but I've dropped a few scoped rifles, and I think they all had Leupold scopes. Until recently, only one had to be rezeroed slightly. But the last 'drop' was my Ruger Hawkeye 223 with a fairly new Leupold VX2 6-18. Maybe 6 months ago I had it in the house and picked it up by the sling (cheap sling...note to self) up near the top of the sling, and the sling came loose. The rifle was in the scope down position, and I still had a grip on the sling. That caused the rifle barrel to strike the floor quite hard and bounce two more times. Only the tip of the barrel struck the floor. I grabbed the rifle up like I had dropped a child, and my wife went right to the floor to see what damage I had done (3 dents). Obviously different priorities... what can I say. Anyway, I went straight to the backyard range and I found that the rifle shot about 6 inches high, but windage was unchanged. I rezeroed and have had no problems since, and I suppose I've shot 300 to 400 times since then.
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