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Originally Posted by Wreck-n-Crew
Originally Posted by Wreck-n-Crew
It should not take you that long to make a decision so i am wondering if you are over thinking it. When you chose to carry, those decisions and scenarios should have been covered within yourself before you first strapped it on you. As i believe you did.
When the time comes, decisions are made quickly and if your head is crammed with over-thoughts you are in trouble. I am sure we have some LE or military guys who would confirm that for me.

I am going to disagree and say acting without thinking is what gets you killed. Take cover, assess the situation, and act accordingly. Those few seconds you take to assess the situation and come up with a sound plan can be what saves your life. Sure decisions must be made quickly, but I don't think anyones planning on hunkering down over a cup of tea and crumpets while they think about what to do. Like I said before, the human mind is pretty remarkable in that you can run the scenario through your head in a matter of seconds while making a decision to act or not.

Basic training on when and when not to shoot covers the decisions that need to be made.
That would be under the assumption that all scenarios play out the same, they do not.

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